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Hike Napa
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Friday, October 21, 2011

More of Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma

More BV pics.
Just a quiet charming place to hang out!

Buena Vista Winery

Here is another fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. You can go and do a tour and tasting with Count Harazathy who was the original founder of the Buena Vista Winery in 1856. George Webber leads the tours. At 2pm you can enjoy a full on play that illustrates the life and times of Count Harazathy.
There are picnic tables to hang out at and enjoy a bottle of great BV wine and some cheese and snacks.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Napa Walking Tour with George Webber!

Here is the fun thing to do before wine tasting, its the perfect thing for after brunch and before wine tasting, a walking tour of downtown napa which includes beer samples at Downtown Joes and then wine tasting at the Ceja Vineyards tasting room.
George is an actor and historian who brings old Napa to life in your 3 hour tour.
This is not a stuffy history tour, its got beer and wine, humor and facts.
contact george: george@georgewebber.com

Monday, July 25, 2011

Napa Sonoma Marsh and Wetlands/ Dog Heaven!

If you continue from Bouchaine and take a right out of the parking lot you will be heading for the California Department Of Fish and Game parking lot. Keep going down a gravel road past vineyards until you cross over the railroad tracks and come to the parking lot.
This place is great hiking for bird watchers, dog lovers, and in the fall duck hunting, you can also trailer your horse out here to ride.
Here is the thing: From February until July 1st No dogs period. This is a nesting habitat in the spring, open to dogs all Summer and the fall it is dedicated to Ducks Unlimited, but hiking with dogs during duck season is ok, just be aware and respectful of the duck hunters, who by the way are the nicest bunch of dudes you will ever meet. Fall and Winter are the best times for hiking out here. You might get muddy but you will see great horned owls, an occasional bald eagle and many shore birds.
Coyotes too but only in the early morning.
My favorite part about this place is that you can hike for 2 to 3 hours and never see another human being... ahhhh

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bouchaine Winery

After Acacia continue down Las Amigas rd, take a left out of the parking lot and head towards Buchli Station rd. Take a right and proceed to Bouchaine on your right.
To me this winery is like the little country bistro of wine tasting!
Once again you really should book ahead of time especially if you are a larger than a group of two.
You can take a vineyard tour walk or sit in the garden with a glass of wine. The deck area is reserved for the wine club members.
Dog friendly with advanced reservations.
Speaking of dogs, my next subject is right down the road from here and its dog walking paradise! No leash, required. That is another story coming up next.

Wine Tasting: Acacia Winery

Here is the next stop on the Carneros loop. Acacia is located at 2750 Las Amigas rd so when you come out of Domaine Carneros take a right out of the driveway and head up the hill, there are some great vineyard views on Duhig rd.
Continue on Duhig rd. until you come to Las Amigas then go left. Acacia is the first winery on the left. Acacia is known for its Pinot and the St Clair vineyard across the steet is one of the best pinot producing vineyards in the valley.
Acacia is small so you need to make a reservation before you come, however if you don't have time just walk in and they write you into the book. Its a small tasting room but this is what I like best, the personal attention and no wine club pressure selling. If you like it you buy it! There is a Bocce Ball court and picnic tables overlooking the whole Carneros region with a view of the bay in distance.
Love this place!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Start To Your Wine Tasting Day, Champagne!

Here is the place to start your Carneros wine afternoon.
It is Domaine Carneros and it is located at the intersection of hiway 121 and Old Sonoma Rd.
For 15 Bucks you get a great champagne buzz with a flight of 3 of the most popular vintages. Or pick your bottle and share that! Artisan cheese platters available but the house almonds come with any tasting and they are perfect.
Beautiful views and a massive patio seating over looking the vineyards. The De Rosa art preserve is across the hiway.
If you join the wine club you get exclusive back patio privelage and you can avoid the Hoi Paloi.

Lets Talk About Wine Tasting

Here is the thing. Hiway 29 SUCKS! This is the main road for all the major wineries, and the crowds and the pushy jackasses that need to pose at the front of the wine bar. Not to mention the traffic. If you like to fight crowds Hiway 29 is for you but....
There is a better wine tasting experience without feeling like you are part of a "herd" and its called Carneros. Its quiet, its lovely its the best Pinot and Chardonay region in the world and the views are spectacular.
There is also great champagne.
I am going to review 3 of my favorites and a full afternoon of wine tasting should only be 3 wineries or you are just downright shitty by the end of it:)

Mare Island and the San Pablo Bay Trail

Mare Island has a new hiking trail called the San Pablo Bay Trail, its wheel chair accessable, all flat and skirts the San Pablo Bay with big views of Mt. Tamalpais and Mt. Diablo. No dogs on leash or off because of wildlife habitat.
Look for the chain link fence and signs for the trail head on Azuar dr.
Mare Island is so cool because it is rich with history. Parts of it are totally abandoned and parts are being refurbished.
A golf course is part of the island too and open to the public.
Below the golf course is a graveyard which is open on Saturdays only, its very cool to walk around and read the headstones some dating back to the 1800's.

American Canyon River Trail

This hike starts at Hiway 29 and Eucalyptus (across from the Walmart)
Take Eucalyptus all the way to the end where there is a parking lot at the trail head.
The trail takes you on a 1.4 mile flat hike on the shore of the Napa River.
In the fall it will open up and connect to the River Trail all the way into downtown Napa.
Dogs allowed on leash.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to Napa Valley!

I wanted to create an information blog for people that are visiting the Napa Valley from a locals point of view. It is my idea to share some great hiking trails and stuff to do before your wine tasting day begins.
When I go on vacation somewhere new I always want to explore the locals side of things so I thought this blog would do that for the active Napa Valley tourist. I will note which hiking trails are dog friendly:)
I will share hiking, wine tasting, and some great restaurants that are not the French Laundry but good old home cooking at a reasonable price. Food trucks, local farmers markets and historic walking tours complete with Micro Brew tasting and wine tasting. Some of us do like beer!
See ya in the vineyards!