Hike Napa

Hike Napa
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Napa Sonoma Marsh and Wetlands/ Dog Heaven!

If you continue from Bouchaine and take a right out of the parking lot you will be heading for the California Department Of Fish and Game parking lot. Keep going down a gravel road past vineyards until you cross over the railroad tracks and come to the parking lot.
This place is great hiking for bird watchers, dog lovers, and in the fall duck hunting, you can also trailer your horse out here to ride.
Here is the thing: From February until July 1st No dogs period. This is a nesting habitat in the spring, open to dogs all Summer and the fall it is dedicated to Ducks Unlimited, but hiking with dogs during duck season is ok, just be aware and respectful of the duck hunters, who by the way are the nicest bunch of dudes you will ever meet. Fall and Winter are the best times for hiking out here. You might get muddy but you will see great horned owls, an occasional bald eagle and many shore birds.
Coyotes too but only in the early morning.
My favorite part about this place is that you can hike for 2 to 3 hours and never see another human being... ahhhh

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