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Hike Napa
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lets Talk About Wine Tasting

Here is the thing. Hiway 29 SUCKS! This is the main road for all the major wineries, and the crowds and the pushy jackasses that need to pose at the front of the wine bar. Not to mention the traffic. If you like to fight crowds Hiway 29 is for you but....
There is a better wine tasting experience without feeling like you are part of a "herd" and its called Carneros. Its quiet, its lovely its the best Pinot and Chardonay region in the world and the views are spectacular.
There is also great champagne.
I am going to review 3 of my favorites and a full afternoon of wine tasting should only be 3 wineries or you are just downright shitty by the end of it:)

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